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How to use gift cards and store credit in Magento Enterprise Edition

magentoGifts cards and store credit are quickly becoming important features for many ecommerce sites. Gift cards are easy ways for your customers to give birthday gifts, graduation gifts or any other special occasion. The question is how easy is it to offer gift cards and store credit on your Magento Website? Last summer Magento sent out a video specifically talking about this subject. You can check it out below.


New Products are Magento 1.4 Compatible just announced some new Magento themes and plugins that are compatible with Magento 1.4. Since the release of 1.4 Magento developers have been scrambling to upgrade their Magento themes, templates and plugins. These products are some of the first that we have tested and they have worked great. With all of the new features in Magento 1.4, it is important that you purchase templates that are compatible with the new software. Below are the products that have recently been updated by


Top 500 Internet Retailer Talks Magento

magentoHow does a company with $25 million in yearly revenue simplify its ecommerce Web site? The answer would be the Magento Enterprise Edition. Back in December of 2009 the ecommerce Web site switched their in-house services to the Magento Enterprise Edition. Now, after a few months of use, the preliminary results are in. Check out this video of Tool King Founder and President Don Cohen as he talks about what the switch has been like for his company.


A Note From Magento…

avatar_155136On March 16 Magento announced that they have secured their first investment. They are adding to an already strong corporate foundation. Below you can read the blog post that was written to announce the news.

"At Magento we look at everything we do against one measuring stick—“enabling the eCommerce ecosystem”.  Today’s announcement that we’ve secured our first investment will further help us all continue to make this come true.  While the terms of the deal are confidential, we’re extremely excited about this investment and the capital will give us an even stronger foundation for growth as Magento continues to be adopted Worldwide. Our tremendous growth rate can be seen in our metrics:"


Revisiting the Magento TopCart Plugin

topcartIt is never too late to improve the look and feel of your Web site. Consumers are always looking for sites that allow them to shop with ease. Simple additions or changes to your Web site can take a lost sale, to a wonderful conversion. The TopCart for Magento is a unique way to allow your customers the ideal shopping experience. Let’s face it, when customers are able to use the functionality of your site easily, everyone wins!


Full List of Magento Features

feat_enter_hightlight3Have you heard the news? Of course you have. Magento is the fastest growing ecommerce platform available today. There has been $25 Billion bought and sold through Magento so far at over 30,000 online merchants. People like you have created a ton of extensions for Magento. Developers have created over 1,700 at last count. With over 1.5 million downloads, you surely know someone in the ecommerce world that is using Magento.


Magento Themes

slimDo you want to attract repeat customers? Selecting a website template that looks like all the rest is the number one way to ward off business. Your site doesn’t have to be a bore. Choosing the right e-commerce site solution is crucial to any successful e-business venture.


Revisiting the QuickView Plugin for Magento

quickviewSpring time is here and what better time than now to improve your Web site? It is still a little cool in many area of the country. That means you have the opportunity to be indoors and improve your Web site. The guys at have a wonderful Magento plugin that will surely help you along the way. The QuickView Plugin for Magento is a fabulous tool that will boost your customers experience when visiting your Web site. This handy Magento plugin is a great way for your customers to quickly scan the products that are relevant to them.


A Magento Resource Page

computers_01Are you consistently looking for Magneto resources? We have the spot for you. has a wonderful page on their site where you can get useful tips to improve your website. Want to learn how to find out if a user is logged in? How about how to echo a specific attribute? You can do it all with the help of the Magento Resource Page.


Magento 1.4 Features

computer_monkeyWith the release of Magento Community 1.4 it is time to show you what is new with this latest version. We recommend sticking with your current version for the next few weeks. This will allow Magento to work out any kinks in the system. After a few weeks, it should be ok to make the switch to Magento Community 1.4. Below is a list of new features that you will certainly enjoy.